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Board of Trustees

Founder and Artistic Advisor:  

Jennifer James Church

Artistic Directors:   Nicholas Mishoe    Shayne Mishoe


President:     Susan Brennan

Vice Presidents:   Linda Bracken  Laura Munn   Theresa Slade

Treasurer:    Paul Gottdenker

Secretary:      Laura Matthews

Chief Financial Officer:   Paul Gottdenker

Trustees:       Karen Beriault  Lisa Buono  Michael P. Brennan  Merrill Kenny Butler  Rhea Goldsmith Laura Matthews  Shanda McManus Teresa Portela  Lori Posner  Midge Mosera-Ruggeri Tom Ruggeri   Lynette Silvestri Heather Zappala

Contacts for our CODA Affiliates

Artistic Director:   Nicholas Mishoe    Shayne Mishoe
Artistic Liaison:   Susan Brennan
Audition Coordinators:        Susan Brennan

Cleaning Coordinator:   Denise Marks

Database Manager:    Susan Brennan
Dressing Room Coordinators:     Linda Bracken Shanda McManus Theresa Slade    
Fundraising Coordinator:   Lori Posner
        Behind-the-Scenes Photos (on disk) :   Merrill Butler

        CODA Boutique/Clothing:   Lori Posner

        Donations:   Laura Munn
        Flower Sales (Poinsettias and Theatre Bouquets)   Lori Posner
        Dinner & Gift Auction Event:  Karen Beriault, Laura Matthews    
        Raffles  Super 50/50:      Laura Munn

        Rehearsal Lunches at CODA:   Joelle Cevasco

        Rehearsal Dinners at theaters:    Lori Posner
        Videotape/Photograph Orders:  Merrill Butler 
Girl Scout Liaison and Ticket Reservations:     Karen Konawalik
Grants Application:   Susan Brennan
Legal Advisors:
Monmouth County Arts Council Representative:    Michael Brennan
Production Coordinators:      Susan Brennan   Paul Gottdenker
Program/Ad Journal Coordinator:    Merrill Butler
Media/Public Relations:   Merrill Butler
School Show Coordinator/Performances:      Teresa Portela
Technical Crew Coordinator:  Michael Brennan
Technical Crew:    Michael Brennan  Susan Brennan    Midge Mosera-Rugeri        Lynette Silvestri
Tickets:       Laura Munn
Security (theater rehearsals) Tom Ruggeri
Wardrobe Mistress:    Marvelyn Frangos