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Warm-up Policy for Pre-Professionals - You must attend Warm-up Class if your rehearsal is within 2 hours following the Warm-up Class. You may, but are not required to, attend warm-up regardless of your rehearsal time. For those not attending Warm-up Class, you are responsible for your own warm-up prior to rehearsal.  Angels are not required to attend warm-up, but must be warmed up with pointe shoes on at start of rehearsal.

Children under 18 are not allowed to leave the studio for any reason without written permission from a parent or guardian.  These notes are to be displayed in the CODA office.  When attending rehearsal everyone MUST use the CODA  entrance.


Notices will be added on a regular basis. While in production, please check daily for updates.

PLEASE CHECK FREQUENTLY FOR ANY POSSIBLE UPDATES (changes will appear in red font).  Please check carefully for your role to make sure that you do not miss a rehearsal and contact us if you have any questions (email or text to 732-740-3092).


***Oct 12 Schedule Updated

****Oct 14, 15 Schedule Posted 10/11 ****Mini Mice and Party start rehearsals this weekend

****Oct 6, 7, 8 Schedule Posted 10/4  **** PLEASE NOTE FITTINGS FRIDAY OCT 6

****Costume and Makeup Requirements posted - one for pre-professionals and the other for children and jr corps

****School Excuse Letter posted

****Ad Journal Form Posted 10/3